Sunday, February 1, 2009

Japanese School Aquathon , 31 Jan 2009

Hello Race fans!

The Japanese school of KL again organised their aquathon and this time the Anakair-YB team got quite a bit of hardware( medals) . Fatin, Nana, NurIman and good showings from a few others was a good start for the year. I used the race as my final 2 hours of my TRI-SKILL coaching practical. Hopefully my report get approved.

The team is somehow becoming a girl's team. Not that I mind to much...A lot of female athletes don't get the same support/recognition like the boys/men in Malaysia( and in most parts of the world) and since the changing of the Sports Minister from Datuk Azalina to the new one..we haven't heard any news about the National Women's Games. I hope they organise it but I'm not going to hold my breath, Meanwhile, I'm going to do my part and help out these girls.