Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kimberly ! Come back!

Most Malaysian triathlon fans know what has happened to double SEA games Gold medalist Kimberly Yap. I bumped into her at a road race in Putrajaya in Feb 2009. For the time being, she has switched to cycling. Why? Because lack of help from those who are supposed to help. TRIAM..You are to blame for losing a national athlete to...of all sports..cycling. I came to triathlon from cycling. I knew the **** which cycling is neck deep in. I had learned how some national officers, national coaches operate. I had enough and I thought Triathlon would be better..Opps..my mistake.

After a few years in TRI, again some of the nicest people are the athletes, age groupers and or the elites. Again the management is one of the lamest . There is very little money, no proper program. To be unable to help a double gold medal winner is sad. Hopefully after the Laos SEA games ( end 2009 ) Triathlon will be back on the list of SEA Games sports for 2011 ( Jakarta , I think ) and Kinberly would come back to Triathlon and TRIAM can get their heads screwed on properly..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

After much thinking..I got myself a video camera. Good stuff. A Panasonic. However after a month of playing with it I still prefer my EOS 450D SLR. Video although fun it can't really capture the moment unlike still photography...I do have an idea though..."TRAINING VIDEOS !!" At this time I'm still the camera operator , editor and director. I'll need a camera operator if I want to star in my own vid's.

This Vid shows Norizan on a stationary roller. A very usefull piece of equipment. Half an hour on it is like an hour on the road. You don't slow because of trafic, stop at traffic lights. and so forth....

Another good use for the roller is you can do seated sprints. A large percentage of recreational cyclists/triathletes spend toooo much time cycling at an aerobic level. Doing speed intervals will really assist in your overall speed.