Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just returned from Bali (1oth anniversary) . Wonderful place, wonderful people, wonderful experience. The whole family went plus my parents. Got them to baby sit Hannan & Hamzah on the anniversary day itself, while Norizan & Me spent a day on the beach ( Sorry, can't show you the pics, To risque...) promised myself "No internet!" for the entire stay. When i returned , had almost 150 unread mail...

Hannan had a whale of a time, the highlight was a swim with dolphins program. It cost a bomb for me! 80US dollars or around 450 Ringgit Malaysia or 1.15 million Rupiah! She really wanted it,. she has shown a love or interest in animals, so if she has ideas about a career with animals or the enviroment, especially the sea, money well spent.

Norizan loved it as well. after years of spending money going to races, buying equipment. I finally managed to save enough money for a long holiday out of Malaysia. If they are happy,I'm happy...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nippon style aquathon....Hait!




The Japanese International School Aquathon in Saujana , KL was held on the 1st Nov. 2008. Norizan got a surprising 3rd. What was also surprising was Norizan was the youngest in the category..strange!! During her cycling days, she had to race against girls almost half her age.
the Japanese have a strange way of counting laps. Where I come from a lap would be from one end to another. The Japanese seem to regard a lap as " start from one end and return to the same end" That did cause some confusion . The lap counters did help by whacking the swimmers on the head with a kickboard to tell you that you had finished the swim.
Hannan did OK too. she finished in 22nd with two boys behind her. To her that's an accomplishment! I didn't help her in transition too. I'm positive she's the fastest in transition. Wish she could be as fast changing into her school uniform...
just got word there's the Chin Woo aquathon in 18th Dec...
Stay tuned....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Swimsuit Issue

Aini finishing the Port Dickson Tri.

Kimberly Yap also at PD.

A comment by Aini( bola2api) on Norizan wearing a swimsuit at the A'Formosa Tri. gave me inspiration for this entry. A few months ago this topic cropped up in swimbikerunmalaysia and I was pro swimsuit...I guess being involved in international level sport, makes me/us a bit more preocupied with what to wear than an age-grouper whose in in for fun and whose not to bothered with how long they take to put on something with a bit more coverage. We have set specific targets in triathlon ,and doing well in them is one of the targets , so time and performance during race is critical. Ease of motion , heat dissapation , rate of sweat has always been important to an athlete.

I have taken the responsibility and probably the sins of asking Norizan to wear a swimsuit however I do know what she's like as a person and I confident that what she wears while in sport is not detrimental to her, to her race and religion. I do to respect those who hold firmly to Islam's law of modest dressing even during sports and don't use it as a reason not to participate in sports.
Ride on Sports Fans..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A training we will go...

Been cycling a bit recently..2 hours every saturday and Sunday with a total of 3km of swimming during the weekdays. Norizan( wife) to has been busy training. She has this small aquathon to go to on the 1st of November 2008. After the near disaster at A'Formosa lake..she's been swimming 3-4 times a week.

after almost 20 years of cycling I finally on my way to becoming a qualified coach...Did my level 0 ( as in ZERO!! can't they find a better name?!) Tri-skills coaching course in Singapore in October and I stand a chance to do a level 1 coaching course in early 2009. I'm thinking about concentrating with kids and women. Since I'm married to an elite cyclist who represented Malaysia, I seem more in tune with the female species...
That's her on the right...
Stay tuned, race fans..