Sunday, August 1, 2010

Port DicksonTri 2010

A 5th ( Fatin ) in the 15 and under 7 th in the 13 and under ( Nana ) not too shabby for two open water first timers. Both came out of the water in the main group with the more established girls..( The Hong Kong athlete was long gone though...) A crash at the end of the bike leg involving Fatin and Aishah ( 6th ) delayed them both. Nana was happily riding along at her own pace.

For two girls who's first open water swim was 3 weeks before the race and for me still trying to understand 3 sports rolled into one ..I think we did OK...Fatin immedietly wanted to to another triathlon in 2 months time , but that race is 2 days before PMR exams . very-very important.. So we decided that at this moment exams should come first , further more ...There's going to be tons of time to prepare for the future.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

10 steps forward....

Been very quiet recently. but for good reason. Since thye last post, ( see below), I have passed my Majils Sukan Malaysia's Sports Science course, Finally managed to get Persatuan Triathlon Putrajaya set up and approved and went to Australia recently to see the Mooloolaba ITU World up on the 27 and 28th March 2010. Was quite an adventure in getting there. Landed at Gold Coast, and had to take a 5 hour train ride allk the way to Brisbane, change trains and on to the Sunshine coast. On top of that. The train had problems , 1 hour from my stop, so had to wait for a bus..However a nice way to see the country side.
I always had something for Australia. I so love their love for the outdoors and outdoor activities. There was practically NO overweight people in Mooloolaba. Everyone was either surfing, running, swimming or cycling.
The ITU race was incredible! It's great to see the athletes in flesh after years on only seeing them on TV , the internet. I remember going nuts when I asked Gianni Bugno , world champion cyclist from Italy for his autograf. Even by watching the ITU athletes race i learned a lot. Can't wait to put it in to practice.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

YEA Kids Triathlon.!! OK What...!!

How does an event be considered a disaster or a success? Every athlete has his or her horror stories. From bad signages to lost results. I've seen my share of race snafus...Norizan was once involved in a race where the cyclist's had to explain to the race commissars who placed 1st, 2nd and so forth..I was personally involved in a race up Fraser's Hill . the entire PELOTON went the wrong way! Only 5 guys , including me , were dropped early on. We did the right route. Unfortunatly How could you disqualify people like Shahrulnezza Razali , Wong Ah Tiam , The entire national team and most of the state teams. Sooo the race orgnisors decided the wrong route will be the right route! I was robbed of a podium place !!!! It's been 14 years since that race..I still have questions of " What if"s ". main story is..The YEA Childrens triathlon...I think we did OK...109 competitors, very little sponsorship( Thank you MILO) . A mish mash of volunteer race organisors( Non profit I might add) Very helpful race day volunteers..and Uniformed patrol personel from Putrajaya.

We were so unsure of ourselves especially after the TRIKIDZ episode. I learned so much in these last 3 months..The most important was.. I/we could actually pull of a race, and an OK one at that.

I cannot wait for the next one...Mean time , a short vid..from the YEA race. This is just of Hannan. Her first race without training wheels. She actually caught some kids on the bike and run..

Seeing the kids all bright eyed upon receiving a medal..Is a good indication that the kids loved it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Announcing the first Putrajaya Kids triathlon on the 17th and 18th of October at the beautiful city of Putrajaya. It will be a 2 day affair with Saturday being the clinic , and race day on Sunday. ITU ( International Triathlon Union ) coaches will be present and so will a few national athletes.

Putrajaya is about a half an hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. The pool is behind the PICC ( Putrajaya Convention Centre).The cycle leg will be on large quiet roads which will be marshaled and clearly marked. The run will be by the lakeside under nice palm trees.
Safety is a priority , so paramedics , lifeguards will be on hand.

Please download the form pictured, and fax page 2 to the no. given

Basic Tips.

Any bike will do , racing , mountain bike , BMX , the bike you use to go to school will do fine.
You will need to bring your sports gear ( swimwear, goggles , swimcap , t-shits , shorts shoes and HELMET!! Very very important.

Photos from previous camps

Please email me at for more info

Monday, July 27, 2009

New revised swim program...

Have recovered somewhat after Norizan dropped the bombshell of not having the confidence to do the Tri at PD ( see pevious post) We have decided to get back in to a swim program complete with coach, team and so forth.. So what better place to go then Hannan's swim school at Shah Alam , The SuperSharkz. It's a kids class but what could be better then swimming alongside athletes with a distinct target and plan. Bumped into Kash who was in another club

Did a few tests to check heart rate. Get a baseline time for 500m..And plan a weekly/monthly schedule. All very interesting stuff. Since the Tri season in peninsular Malaysia might be over...A revised target has been made. Won't write it down..just in case..we'll see in a few months.

Here's a short vid. Which also features Hamzah being himself..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

AAAAGGHH!! Betrayed!! By MY own loved one!!

Norizan is NOT in the pic!!

Most blog writers rant about the government , people in power and so forth...I wonder if anyone rants about their own WIFE!!! In my previous post I wrote about Norizan on track in doing the PD Tri on the 11th of July . it was a sprint ( 750/20/5). Since the last post , she swam 4 times a week , ran almost every day and cycled on the trainer for almost a few months..she took her own inisiative to go to the uncovered pool at 2pm until 4 pm to swim 1.2 to 1.5 km. in fact 3 weeks before PD she could do 750 meters in 15 to 16 mins, not once but almost everytime she got into the water...So...watching her training well, I got my hopes up high..UNTIL!! 5 HOURS BEFORE LEAVING FOR PORT DICKSON!!! she dropped a bombshell and in her matter of factly tone..." I don't feel confident. I don't want to do PD" I could have died there and then...

There was no point in forcing/ making/ pleading her to go . Negativity in Triathlon especially during the swim would be very dangerous..So..Your's truly ( me) left for PD all alone. All her friends were puzzled Norizan chickened out. I was reduced to a race fan taking photos. OK lah....

There are a few more TRI's on the calender ( Desaru, Kuching and Miri) but they are all far away and would cost a pretty penny. So..unless Mr. Chan ( race organiser) comes up with a short tri within this year..chances to do a tri for Norizan is washed up for this year. We could do Singapore though..but still expensive.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

PD is GO!! I hope..

A'Formosa 08. I'm dead center of the photo without swimcap. Norizan is by the elbow of the guy in jeans.

The Port Dickson International Triathlon on the 11th and 12th of July is a go for Norizan. After the disaster of A'Formosa in 08 where she used me as a buoy to cling on to she has been going to the pool 3 times a week. with a month and a week to go Norizan can do 400m non stop at around 1 minute for 50m . The swim in Port Dickson will be 750m, Soooo if she can do it non stop..She should come out of the water around 15 to 17 mins..Cool..