Tuesday, October 27, 2009

YEA Kids Triathlon.!! OK What...!!

How does an event be considered a disaster or a success? Every athlete has his or her horror stories. From bad signages to lost results. I've seen my share of race snafus...Norizan was once involved in a race where the cyclist's had to explain to the race commissars who placed 1st, 2nd and so forth..I was personally involved in a race up Fraser's Hill . the entire PELOTON went the wrong way! Only 5 guys , including me , were dropped early on. We did the right route. Unfortunatly How could you disqualify people like Shahrulnezza Razali , Wong Ah Tiam , The entire national team and most of the state teams. Sooo the race orgnisors decided the wrong route will be the right route! I was robbed of a podium place !!!! It's been 14 years since that race..I still have questions of " What if"s ".

So...my main story is..The YEA Childrens triathlon...I think we did OK...109 competitors, very little sponsorship( Thank you MILO) . A mish mash of volunteer race organisors( Non profit I might add) Very helpful race day volunteers..and Uniformed patrol personel from Putrajaya.

We were so unsure of ourselves especially after the TRIKIDZ episode. I learned so much in these last 3 months..The most important was.. I/we could actually pull of a race, and an OK one at that.

I cannot wait for the next one...Mean time , a short vid..from the YEA race. This is just of Hannan. Her first race without training wheels. She actually caught some kids on the bike and run..

Seeing the kids all bright eyed upon receiving a medal..Is a good indication that the kids loved it.

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