Monday, January 19, 2009

Brick session ( I think that's what it's called)

the syncronised swimming team
Norizan & Daniel

Bike check before the ride

I do like this shot..If I say so myself

Training for the Malaysian 2009 triathlon has begun! Also to complete my Tri-skills coaching course i need my 5 hours of practicle. This session should take care of 2 hours of my needed quota . Did a complete brick session but low intensity and short distance ( 800m/10km/4km) at the UPNM ( major Kalam's place) pool. Major and I used the sports complex for the Kids Triathlon races, but security issues were raised ( It is an army camp though) can't really blame them.

Talking about practical for the coaching..My friend Jimmy Superfly of went to a level 1 cycling course recently, even though he probably would be better of as the lecturer instead of the participant. I couldn't go and probably wouldn't learn much anyway..The both of us started as so-so cyclist ( he was better) , then became bike mechanics and now, the next time we meet..hope fully as coaches..Nice.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year...




Hannan Irina

Zhairen and my partner in crime , Major Kalam


Nuriman Sofea

Presenting the very-very informal Anakair-YellowBicycle Triathlon team. Which consists of ...A mother of 2( Norizan) two ten year old girls, one eight year old who still needs her training wheels, one 15 year old girl, a 14 year old.. and 15 year old boywonder Zhairen Manan B. Zulkarnain brother of Nuriman Sofea (He's been in the papers twice! read it Here! :

And managed by me....( seen here at the Tri-skills coaching course in Singapore. around November 2008.

We plan to go to local tri's ( a'Formosa, Port Dickson ) and any with sprint distance events. There will be a serious target of the 2011 SEA games in Indonesia and The 2013 games in Singapore. ecpecially Fatin whose 14 and Ezatty whose 15. The both of them are incredible swimmers ( 1500m at under 20mins) , their running is fair to good. The only thing left in their cycling..And that's where Norizan and I come in..

However in the back of my mind is..How long can these girls last? The odds of them qutting is so great.Consider this: A team of Muslim girls about to become women, they have studies, boyfriends( maybe) and a whole host of things conspiring to make them stop. They have already been in aquatics for almost 7 years , with limited sucess and are still having trouble geting into the upper ranks of the swim results. They NEED good results soon before they get demoralised and quit.
I had a good heart to heart talk to one of the fathers and he was interested, and he believes his dauther is keen to. that's a good thing..Child atheletes really need their parents. I remember Norizan's parents we not too keen when she started cycling at 18. Her partner was this guy in a ponytail with torn jeans and 3 week stubble. She hated him but he was convinced she had the talent. He kept hounding her , telling her she did have the talent..He wasn't wrong. Now..the same dude has spotted 2 girls with talent and will try his utmost to send them to the SEA games..At least the SEA games..INSHALLAH ( God Willing)

( my next topic might be religion and sports) ( maybe)