Sunday, August 1, 2010

Port DicksonTri 2010

A 5th ( Fatin ) in the 15 and under 7 th in the 13 and under ( Nana ) not too shabby for two open water first timers. Both came out of the water in the main group with the more established girls..( The Hong Kong athlete was long gone though...) A crash at the end of the bike leg involving Fatin and Aishah ( 6th ) delayed them both. Nana was happily riding along at her own pace.

For two girls who's first open water swim was 3 weeks before the race and for me still trying to understand 3 sports rolled into one ..I think we did OK...Fatin immedietly wanted to to another triathlon in 2 months time , but that race is 2 days before PMR exams . very-very important.. So we decided that at this moment exams should come first , further more ...There's going to be tons of time to prepare for the future.

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