Monday, July 27, 2009

New revised swim program...

Have recovered somewhat after Norizan dropped the bombshell of not having the confidence to do the Tri at PD ( see pevious post) We have decided to get back in to a swim program complete with coach, team and so forth.. So what better place to go then Hannan's swim school at Shah Alam , The SuperSharkz. It's a kids class but what could be better then swimming alongside athletes with a distinct target and plan. Bumped into Kash who was in another club

Did a few tests to check heart rate. Get a baseline time for 500m..And plan a weekly/monthly schedule. All very interesting stuff. Since the Tri season in peninsular Malaysia might be over...A revised target has been made. Won't write it down..just in case..we'll see in a few months.

Here's a short vid. Which also features Hamzah being himself..

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